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my name is DANIELA PORTELA VALDES was born

on 17 June 1997

in the clinic limonar in Ibague Tolima.

My Family

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my FAMILY is very special to me because they

give me the support I need I trust thank god I have my grandmother and

and my parents work all day and I see very little.

My pet

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my mascot is very playful, funny and cute

is the joy of the house

and everyone we love.

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My pet ESTRELLA is called

is a very funny bitch, black color

pincher breed and very cute.

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My friends

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my friends are very SPECIAL

I lived with them unforgettable moments

and always in my heart beareth

What I like to do

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to me many ACTIVITIES like the cules are

celebrating with my family in the special festivities, partying

with my friends, watch movies, listen to music, go swimming.

In future

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I want to study civil engineering because

is a career which really catches ATTENTION

and in which I can perform well.

Where I want to study

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I want to study at the National University in Manizales

because it makes me because there family teng which

support me so I can GRADUATE in i what to be.

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